Filipino Scrambled Egg

It’s quick and easy to do but it’s hearty and fun. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, and any meal of the day!

Ingredient notes
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Filipino Scrambled Eggs
One of my favorite foods I wake up in the morning is a plate of Filipino whipped eggs and fried pandesal or sinangag, and a cup of hot chocolate. It is a simple but fun and full ride.
Not only is this egg and tomato dish full of delicious food and nutrients for you, but it is also quick and easy to make, and economical. All you need is 15 minutes and 6 simple ingredients to prepare!
Ingredient notes
Eggs – does not mean that the more eggs there are, the better the taste. If you can access new free range eggs, use them in this recipe!

Tomatoes – use a variety of ripe Roma to get a delicious and juicy taste
Onions – the recipe requires regular brown onions, but feel free to replace them with shallots (sibuyas tagalog) or red onions for color and aroma.
Butter – add cream; change with olive oil for a healthier option
Salt and pepper – season to taste
But although similar to kultyas, ginisang kamatis on itlog usually serves as a side dish, eggs occupy a central place in this recipe.

Be sure to whisk the eggs well to breathe and add volume, creating light and fluffier curds. Beaten eggs should be evenly yellow, white and the eggs should be completely covered.
Cooking Tips
Boil the eggs on low heat. High temperatures will cause the eggs to “catch,” leading to hard, dry hatched eggs.
Turn off the heat while the eggs are still slightly wet as they will continue to cook with the remaining heat from the pan.
Offer suggestions
Serve this egg yolk with breakfast, brunch, and any time of the day you need a quick boost of energy and protein. Pair with your favorite rice or toast for a satisfying meal.

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