Ginisang Repolyo

Looking for a simple, tasty vegetarian meal? Try and Ginisang Repolyo! Easy to make, nutritious, and budget-friendly too! A perfect midweek meal that does not require an argument for the whole family.

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Ginisang Repolyo
If you have been a fan of the blog for a long time, you will probably notice that Kawaling Pinoy has had a big change and that the recipe images are constantly updated. It takes quite a bit of work (and 4 AM hours) to get everything good and good for you, but everything is worth it.

One time when I was reviving old content, the idea of ​​this ginisang repolyo recipe came to me. I was cooking my pancit bihon guisado to shoot it again when I realized that meat and veggie sahog can be food on your own!
It has all the ingredients for a great delicious and filling meal: soft cabbage and carrots, protein-rich chicken, delicious sausage, shrimp, and the wonderful oyster sauce for a perfect balance of taste.

And, it can be completely customized, too! You can add or change any of your favorite pancit flavors like diced pork, tofu, squid balls, iron peppers, succulent edible vegetable, and frozen peas.
The sulfur odor associated with cabbage only develops when ripe. When cooked for a long time it hardens.
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You can also use it as a base for fried noodles such as Pancit Bihon Guisado or as a filling fo.

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