Ginisang Sayote with Chicken

Ginisang Sayote with chicken is easy to make and use a budget, too. Sprinkled with tomatoes and oyster sauce, this vegetarian dish is delicious as it is nutritious. Perfect for hot fried rice mixed with fried or grilled fish!

How to fix chayote
Cooking tips
How to supply and store
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Ginisang Sayote with Chicken
One vegetable (technically fruit) I always keep stock of my product bins either chayote, also known as sayote, mirliton, or pear squash.
Not only is it cheap, it is also a versatile ingredient. I like to eat it raw in salads, add to soups and stews, and toss it into fast-paced dishes like this ginger potato ginger.

How to fix chayote
Do you know that seeds and skin of chayote are edible? You can leave them open if you like or follow the steps below.

Cut about half an inch from the chayote to release the milk.
Rub the cut surface on the cut part of the chayote with a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Light milk / liquid will turn white, a foam-like consistency. This procedure will remove the squash attachment, and it will be easier to peel and cut without leaving gooey, sticky resin on your hands that may irritate the skin.
Using a drying knife or vegetable peel, clean the skin.
Cut the chayote in half and divide it. With a drying knife or spoon, remove the seeds. Cut the chayote into pieces according to the recipe.
Store in a bowl of cold water until ready to use.

Cooking Tips
This recipe uses chicken thigh ties as they are very tasty and do not dry out as easily as chicken breasts. You can also use chicken pieces cut into biting pieces.
Besides chicken, the meal also works well with other types of protein. You can use minced pork, minced beef, or shrimp.
You can add carrots to expand the meal as well as extra food, color, and texture.
The Chayote are very happy with the tender but clear. Take them out of the heat before they are completely soft as they will continue to cook and soften in the remaining heat.
How to supply and store
Ginisang sayote with chicken is a great tasting dish mixed with hot rice and fried or grilled fish.
Store the rest in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days. This dish does not heat up well as chayote becomes mushy when frozen and melted.
Heat again in a pan or heat in the microwave until completely heated.

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