Morcon Recipe

Make your family meal very special with Morcon! This Filipino roulade with eggs, cheese, cucumbers, and sausages is juicy and tasty with a delicious tomato drink.

What is morcon
Ingredient notes
To make the sauce
Giving suggestions
The rest of the storage
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What is morcon
Morcon is a popular Filipino dish that is often eaten on holidays and special occasions. Like its European counterpart, this Filipino-style roulade consists of lean beef wrapped in selected fillings such as cheese, eggs, carrots, cucumbers, bacon, and sausages.
The prepared beef roll is first heated in a pan over high heat to have a brown flavor and seal, then cooked low and drank to a perfect simmer. The braising liquid, usually a mixture of stock and tomato sauce, is then mixed with other spices to serve as a sauce or broth.

Morcon is reserved for holidays and special events, but there is no reason not to enjoy it all the time. Although time consuming, what is needed is three simple steps and kitchen twine to make this festive meat ready for a daily family dinner.
Ingredient notes
Beef – use cheap, firm meat like bottom round or chuck roast ready for roasting. If you shop at a liquid market or a Filipino grocery store, ask a butcher to cut a little la morcon.
Lemon juice – seasonal and helps to soften the meat; you can change the calamansi juice
Soy sauce- add flavor to umami
Bacon – a thin layer of flavor; sliced ​​ham is also a good option
Cucumbers, hot dogs, carrots, cheese, boiled eggs – add texture, flavor, and festive appearance.
Tomato sauce and beef broth / water – brains
The spread of the liver – strengthens and enriches the sauce

Making a Sauce
The beef roulade is delicious and impressive, but the thick, fragrant sauce is the one that takes the top. Sarsa pa lang, ulam na.

There is no need to clean the pan after roasting the meat. Those brown pieces bring a wonderful flavor.
The liver sauce thickens and adds to the rich flavor. You can replace it with quick-melted cheese to get extra cream.
For a fruity tang and sweetness, you can change part of the water with pineapple juice.
Giving suggestions
Remove the twine and cut the beef into 1 inch size. Arrange with a serving plate and top with gravy. Serve as a large bowl with hot rice.

The rest of the storage
For best results, keep the morcon and sauce in separate containers and refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 2 months.

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