Sinampalukang Ulo at Paa ng Kambing

What you’ll need Onion– gives the dish a rich umami flavor and subtle sweetnessUnripe Tamarind– green tamarind is the souring agent and base flavor of the soup. If fresh unripe tamarind is unavailable, you can use tamarind powder or tamarind paste.

Fish Sauce– adds umami, savory flavor.Green Onions or scallions- adds freshness, flavor, and color
Cooking Tips
But don’t marinate for too long as vinegar is a strong acid and can dry out the meat, making it tough.

The older the goat, the longer it cooks.

Sinampalukang Ulo at Paa ng Kambing. For a while I ended up posting an unusual Pinoy food. My last post of Soup no.5 was popular. Today I would like to share a recipe for how to cook Sinampalukang Ulo in Paa ng Kambing. This dish is very popular with our kababayan who loves goat meat. While working in the Middle East, goats’ heads and ankles (feet) are often found in supermarkets or other meat shops in neighboring India. We cooked it every time there was a party. Sinampalukang ulo at paa ng kambing goes very well with liqueur and beer. Sinampalukan has always been a highly prepared way to cook the goats’ head and feet. When a goat is slaughtered the wool is removed by burning the whole goat in a wood fire or gas torch. Some also cut the goat to remove hair.

Traditionally the head and feet are cooked whole without being cut into pieces although sometimes the head is cut in half to remove the precious brain from another famous goat meat dish called Dinakdakan.

The goat’s head and feet are then boiled in tamarind for many hours until the flesh and skin literally fall out of the bones. The cooking times will depend on the age of the goat, the older goats will cook longer. The best indication is when the skin has become soft but firm.

Goat meat is available at the wet market near Metro Manila. There is one store in Farmers Market in Cubao, Quezon City. Frozen goat meat is also available in supermarkets such as the South Supermarket. I have to ask a butcher to cut the head and feet into pieces to make it easier to cook and taste. Here is a recipe for my Sinampalukang Ulo in Paa ng Kambing.

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