Waknatoy and also called Marikina

Waknatoy takes Marikina to the old Filipino menu. This stew of pork and delicious cucumbers is easy to make and can be doubled for the crowd or for homemade food. It’s hearty, fun, and perfect for a family dinner or special occasion!
Waknatoy with a serving plate with a plate of roasted rice on the side

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Waknatoy or also known as Marikina Menudo is a Filipino pork tenderloin with delicious cucumbers. As the name suggests, it originated in Marikina and is very similar to the ancient Filipino menudo but has cucumbers and potatoes and carrots.

The story is that this pork stew was very popular in Marikina in the old days and was on the list of all the restaurants and sidewalk restaurants in the area. Chinese vendors, who visited the restaurants, soon said they were tired of being served the same food and refused, “Ito naman? Okay! Therefore, Marikeño branded this pork stew “Waknatoy.”

pork cubes, liver, bell pepper, tomato, chorizo, oil, soy sauce, tomato paste
Ingredient notes
Pork – the recipe uses the pork shoulder or kasim. You can also use pork if you like the soft option or belly to cut fat.
Pickle juice – used to transport pork; adds a spicy taste and helps soften. You can exchange it with calamansi or lemon juice
Tomato Paste- enriches the taste and thickens the sauce. When you run out of tomatoes, add 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce.
Chorizo- according to the smoky layer of flavor.
Roman Tomato- use ripe for a delicious sauce and juice.

Sweet Gherkin Pickles– this is what separates it from the Filipino menu. It gives a delicious taste to the dish.
Vegetables – bell pepper and garbanzos add color, flavor, and texture
Liver – you can use pork or beef liver in this recipe.

to cook Filipino pork and cucumber stew in a pan Cut to the same size to ensure cooking.
Do not overcook the liver as it will become harder and harder to chew. Add within 5 to 7 minutes of storage time. Please note that liver helps to thicken the sauce and if you stop, you may want to reduce the sauce for a long time to thicken.

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